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Ellen Carey: Dings, Pulls, and Shadows

I managed to catch the final week of the experimental photographic works by Ellen Carey at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. The exhibition, Dings, Pulls and Shadows says of Carey that she “creates large abstract photography using a 20 x 24 inch Polaroid camera. Photographing a blank white surface onto which light is projected through color filters, the artist pulls the exposed paper through the camera bursting pods of colored dyes that translate the filtered light into streaks of corresponding color.”

Ellen Carey
Ellen Carey


ArtNet has photos of the complete exhibition, including the side by side framed works of a handful of pieces that show the color “pulls” that are the negatives peeled away from their positive counterparts. “Together the pulls and their negatives become documents of a performance, recording the physical act of making a photograph.”


Ellen Carey

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