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Artist Statement

K.C. Hulsman’s photography seeks to immortalize with her camera that singular, fleeting moment of beauty and wonder so often found in the world around us: both from nature, or items wrought by man. She strives to capture the story of life in the frame of her viewfinder across a range of subject matter: flora & fauna, landscapes, architecture, astrophotography, and more. She utilizes an array of photographic techniques with her digital camera: long exposure photography, light painting, focus stacking, image stacking, image bracketing, and more.

She enjoys traipsing across the Texas countryside discovering the ruins from yesteryear, pursuing wildflowers, as well as capturing those quintessentially Texan shots from horses, to Texas Longhorns. Her work is inspired by years of art education from the great masters of centuries past, and the more contemporary works of landscapes from Ansel Adams, the editorial photographic work of Margaret Bourke-White and the color rich paintings of Erin Hanson, which she distills into her own unique style embracing form and shape, light and shadow, and a rainbow of vibrant hues.


K.C. is a Texas artist that graduated from Grapevine High School, and became an alumna of the University of Texas at Arlington where she received a Master of Arts in the Humanities. In addition to her passion for photography, she has also studied drawing, glass blowing, stained glass, as well as metal and jewelry smithing. She possesses professional experience in graphic design.

Her photographic work has been exhibited from New York to Australia, and she’s even had opportunities to sell directly to art connoisseurs from the Pottery Barn store in Southlake, Texas. Main ST. Arts Festival Fort Worth, one of the top 3 juried art festivals in all the US, named her an Emerging Artist in 2018. She has received awards from nationally juried art competitions, and she’s had her work invited to exhibit in regional, national and internationally juried shows.

Member of:

since 2017, The Grapevine Art Project

since 2017, The Texas Photographic Society

since 2019, Fort Worth Camera Club

2019-2020, ArtsDFW (Director)

2017 only, Trinity Arts Guild