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Do you do portraiture, events, real estate photography, or product photography?

No. I’m flattered that you appreciate my photography so much that you want to also consider me for your other photography needs. However, I do not currently offer these photography services, and do not currently plan on doing so.

Can you be hired to do a themed photographic individual image or series to be used in wall decor at a home or business?

Yes. Please contact me directly and let me know what you are wanting so I can understand the scope of work, the timeline and any budgetary restrictions you are looking at, and see if it can be accomplished based on my current availability.

Are you willing to do color adjustments of your photography to match my decor?

I am not opposed to making some edits toward this end, but not every image lends itself well to this sort of treatment. Please contact me, and let me know what image(s) you are interested in and what you are hoping to achieve.

Is your photography available for licensing?

Yes. I am happy to discuss a licensing agreement with you. Please contact me, and let me know which image(s) you are interested in, and a summary of how you plan to use the work. Will the images be used for marketing, promotion, and/or merchandise? Are you looking for non-exclusive, or exclusive rights? Are you looking for rights only in the United States of America, in multiple countries or globally?

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, I am happy to work with clients on custom orders. Please contact me to discuss.

How do I get a signed photograph?

While in the early days I used to sign or initial every photograph, these days I only sign specialty custom orders, framed work that exhibits in galleries, or my collectible editions. For clarity if you are purchasing from my online shop, the work will not be signed. If this is something you really want please contact me before ordering to discuss options.

I saw an image on your social media, but I do not see it in your shop. Is it for sale?

Usually, yes. While a few images may have copyright restrictions, most of my photography is for sale. So, please contact me and let me know of your interest.

Do you offer discounts or coupons?

Occasionally from my online shop I will have a coupon code or discount available for a limited time. If you contact me directly, sometimes I can offer a bundle discount for those purchasing several pieces from me.

Can I hire you for photo restoration, to scan some slides, scan a box of family photos, develop some negatives, or to do enlargements?

No, these are not services that I offer. Many retailers with photo departments, or non-chain camera stores offer most (if not all) of these services, or you can find them already offered by independent specialists in your area.

Do you offer photography classes?

Thank you for your interest, but I currently do not offer classes or workshops.

I’m a fellow artist, may I have your permission to use your work as inspiration for one of my own creations?

I’m flattered you loved a shot of mine so much that it’s sparked your own creativity. Generally speaking, I am open to this but I evaluate this on a case-by-case basis. Some works may not be available due to a pre-existing contract, or may feature copyrighted or trademarked content and I am unable to grant such permissions. It’s important to me that whatever your art medium is, that it clearly looks like your own unique work. If you wish to use my work directly in your own work (collages, composite, etc.), that requires a licensing agreement. To obtain permission, please do contact me and let me know what image you are interested in using as your inspiration, and how you plan to use it. If I grant permission, I do require that anytime you post the piece (work in progress, finished piece, behind the scene video, etc.) on social media you attribute me as your inspiration source: @kchulsmanphotos on Facebook or Instagram, for any other social media outlet please link to my website I also appreciate an attribution at any other relevant place or time where it makes sense to share the inspiration source. I would love to see how you take the inspiration and run with it, so I hope when you’re finished with the work that you will let me know. I love to share those who have done so, tagging them back as well.

Will you donate your work to my fundraiser?

I believe in trying to give back when and where I can. In the course of a year I receive many requests for donations of my work. I am but a single self-employed artist, and have a very limited capacity to provide for donated work to be used in fundraisers. There are so many charities doing a wide range of much needed work, but I personally choose to focus donations towards non-religious, U.S. based, 501(c)3 non-profit organizations that tackle Women’s Issues, Nature and the Environment or the Visual and Performing Arts. If your organization meets the above criteria, please contact me and tell me about your organization, the fundraiser, what the funds will be used for, and what sort of support you are looking for from me. I require this information in order to properly evaluate the request.