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Join me at the MATH IS FUN art reception

Join me and many other local artists for the reception for the latest show “Math is Fun” this Saturday, February 29 from 7pm-10pm at Central Arts of Hurst located at
362 E Pipeline Rd. I have some of my astrophotography works hanging in the show, but I’ll also have a variety of prints available for sale too. If you can’t make it out, the work will remain on exhibit through March.


As a photographer trying to capture the Milky Way, there is a mathematical formula (the NPF rule) that helps us calculate what our long exposure should be based on our gear set-up: (35 x aperture + 30 x pixel pitch) รท focal length = shutter speed in seconds. The trick with astrophotography is understanding that just as our planet has a daily rotation, and rotates around the sun, that our solar system is in movement as well as our galaxy and all the celestial bodies in between. This means that while you need long exposure to catch such faint and distant light at night, you only have so many seconds before the camera tracks the movement of the celestial bodies. Generally speaking for milky way shots I shot at less than 15 seconds, but star trails can go for hours.




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